...with so many venues becoming Dog Friendly now, we are able to include our dogs at our Weddings. You've organised the Brides, Grooms, page-boys and Bridesmaids about your dogs??

The Lavender rose collar  Amethyst and lilac crystal bling collar 
The lily and Pearl collar
 The Lavender Rose collar

We are proud to present our gorgeous signature collar, the Lavender rose.

Our delicate Lavender Rose beads with tiny leaves on a soft nappa leather collar. 

The frosted Lavender Rose beads which symbolise ‘Love at first Sight'

The Crystal Bling collar

Our beautiful crystal bling collar can have accent colours of the wedding added. 

 Choose your leather colour and we can add semi-precious stones and crystals to personalise it further.

 Traditional white with pearl  crystal bling collar
The Lily and Pearl collar

This beautiful collar embellished with  frosted lily beads and pearl will compliment any wedding.  

Lily flowers symbolise truth and honour. 

The Pearls are said to bring wealth and prosperity.

Add coloured beads to personalise your collar 


Our Wedding collars can come in any colour. We also have silver and gold metallic leathers available for that extra special touch. We make everything  to order so your wish is our command.


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